PEOPLE in Don Trucking

Do not try to face problems on your own, get in touch with the customer

Don Trucking is managed by Don de Jong, General Manager in Western Europe and Dariusz Nawrotek, General Manager in Poland.

Presently, Don Trucking employs about a hundred people, including eighty drivers, the real capital of the company. They can count on support from their management, administration personnel, dispatchers, and planners – altogether twelve people. Planners operating in various branches maintain contact with drivers and customers. They are expected to have extended knowledge on their market.

Don Trucking has a non-hierarchical structure and thanks to it develops more direct contacts. In Don Trucking we focus our efforts on great communication outgoing from managers, employees and drivers as the key components of achieving success in cooperation. Employees and drivers are expected to be proactive and to communicate in a clear way and on time.

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