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Employees are the main link of our company

Don Trucking is a company with Dutch roots, a fast growing business delivering to big and medium logistics service providers trucks and drivers for transport needs between Western and Eastern Europe. Don Trucking has a non-hierarchical (horizontal) structure and more direct relations with superiors. According to Don Trucking’s vision, employees are the main link in the company. Drivers and the support personnel carry out the company’s ambitions.

Don Trucking constantly looks for drivers who believe that problems exist in order to look for solutions as well as people with good communication skills. Those who are interested in job must have a valid driver’s license and at least a three-year experience as (international) driver. They have call the following number


48 52 335 05 00


Don Trucking offers good terms of cooperation, a pleasant work environment, great flexibility, good wages and benefits. Don Trucking takes advantage of the most advanced materials.

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