Employees are the main link of our company  

Don Trucking is a company with ambitions. These ambitions are focused on offering to employees special solutions, which constitute value added, and becoming the best trucking company in Eastern Europe. In order to achieve that, Don Trucking puts strong emphasis on innovations in management as well as the use of advanced ICT applications. 

According to Don Trucking’s vision, employees are the main link in the company. We mean planners, who manage relations with drivers and commercial partners, as well as drivers, who have to realize what promises are given by customer to its contracting parties. An innovative company needs people who believe that problems exist in order to look for solutions.

Thanks to non-hierarchical organizational structure, proactive management and advanced information technology, Don Trucking is able to offer fast solutions in light of unexpected events. Short lines, innovative concepts and clear arrangements with suppliers, partners, co-workers and contracting parties guarantee high-quality product at affordable market price.


Context: Main strengths of Don Trucking

  1. Focus on innovative solutions
  2. Mutual trust, open communication and well-established foundation for operation
  3. Professionalism, high quality, innovativeness, high level of expertise
  4. Environmental protection

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